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{ Unlock - Yuuta } by Danchoou { Unlock - Yuuta } by Danchoou

:new: Updated his infos ouo"

"Watashi wa Yuuta~ and I'm here to bring smiles on your faces! desu yo~!"


>Name:  Kazehana, Yuuta

>Nickname: Yuu, Yuu-Tan

>Age: 15

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: 13th of July

>Height/Weight: 5'7 ft - 163 lbs

>Year: 1st year

>Nationality: Japanese

Hanamaya, Kotetsu

>Club: Basketball club


{ Caring } { Caring }  { Overprotective } { Friendly } { Kind }  { Blunt }

Yuu is a cheery boy, who would greet you with a smile. He always think about the others before himself, his smile always shines bright even if its a sad day for others. He doesn't care about the person's personality and always greet them with happiness. In fact he is friendly and kind. Whether how others may act towards him, he wouldn't mind and just kept being himself. Though he may be a little bit overprotective to his twin brother, Miizu. As he doesn't want his twin to face the same thing he had been through. But nonetheless he is highly willing to help those who had gained his trust, as long as its not something that can hurt anybody, physically or mentally. He doesn't judge people by their looks nor reputation, he would rather be friends with them, and he is also not picky about stuffs and would willingly try out some things he hasn't done yet. Speaking of trust, ever since he had passed elementary, he had never trusted anyone easily as the things that happen to himself did a lot of damage. Yuuta is also a certain boy who had never let his negative thoughts rule everything of him, he would ignore them, with that smile that might annoy somebody sooner. Either bad things or good things were happening, he would always have that cheery smile on his face even though deep inside, he wanted to cry. But he wasn't used of releasing his emotions freely and always just kept it to himself. But all in all he is your typical cheery, blunt and caring red haired stranger/friend.

But deep inside him, he is a guy who craves for affection and care. But scared of letting it out. Deep inside, he didn't want to be alone. He wanted friends to hang out with. 
He is also hard to get mad, aka has a long patience. Though if ever you cut the strings, He wouldn't have a second thought of warning you. Though he would try his best to calm himself down before he beat up the person. Which he is scared to happen.


•  Miizu
• Scarfs
• Skateboard(ing)
• Basketball
• Sandwich
• Sweets
• Music (Aka songs and instruments etc-)
• Over-sized clothes
• Ice cream


-Seeing people scared
-Being Alone
-Studying ( Half )
-Those who touch his brother inappropriately.


"Past is past..."

The day that Yuuta was born is not just about him, as of he had a twin, who was named 'Miizu'. They grew up together though Miizu was the center of attention while Yuuta is just there, not treated 'so special'. He was jealous at first but he hid the pain and just told himself.
"As long as they are happy, Yuu-tan is alright with it, neh~?"
They went to the same school when they were kids. Yuuta was always there for Miizu and He was there for Yuuta too.
Yuuta never had that freedom as Miizu, he can't even do things freely like playing video games.
Their parents were always busy at work and rarely spend time with them.
It was alright for Yuuta, since he was used to it. All he need was his twin, 'Miizu'.
He was okay, as long as he knows he is not alone.

But then, everything changed. Their parents had decided to separate them in Elementary. So that they could focus more. Yuuta was surprised and begged that he didn't want to be separated from his twin.
"Please! I dont want to be alone in school!" 
"You have to dear....and besides you'll make friends!"
"No buts son, you're auntie and uncle will come here and get you"
"What about Miizu?"
"Don't worry about him, he'll be staying here"

He had no choice but to follow his parents' orders, even though he didn't want to. His auntie and uncle were good companies but he wanted to be with Miizu again.
His first few weeks at his new school was not okay, as he was just there, alone. No one to talk to. 
Then again, he always got the smile on his face as he remembered.
"Yuu-tan needs to be happy for Mii-chan!"
But Miizu wasn't there anymore, maybe he should stop?
He was jealous that his classmates always has some buddies to hang out with.
Then he remembered.
"I hope Mii-chan is alright..."
He decided to just focus first on his new school and hoped that he would meet somebody, who he could hang out with soon.
Few years had passed and Yuuta had made friends and changed a bit. He was planning to communicate to him but then has no time yet.
His new 'pals' had made some minor changes on him like how talks and his interest which was now sports.
They taught him how to skate and play basketball.
But then a new school year start and his friends had transferred to another school.
He was left, all alone.

Though, he continued to hide his pain deep inside him, since it might make him look weak and his surrounding be sad. 
He began to have new friends, though he really miss his twin.


It was summer and Yuuta was ordered to go back to the mansion, and was greeted by a hug from his twin. Which made him so happy. 
His parents were also there and announced something to both of them.

"Me and your mother decided to let you go together in the same academy"
"Yes dear, and now let your father continue.."
"Anyways, as I was saying, I already enrolled the both of you to Seiso Academy, and you will continue your school years there."
"Yes dear."

He felt so happy when their parents said that. He wanted to spend more time together and now was the chance.

They had traveled by boat and sailed towards the acsdemy . He was really excited and now his new life awaits.


"Im Yuu not Mii!!"

"Smiling is caring~"

"Cheer up! A smile fits you more!~"


"Miiiiiii-chaaaaaan desu~!"

"Zenzen Tsukamenai kimi no koto~!"

"Desu yo~!"

>Relationships: -----

>Voice:… Kishio Daisuke Till 0: 02   


-Always got his plain black skateboard with him.
-Always wear oversized clothes except pants.
-Usually sings alone.
-Always seen smiling.
-He mostly use his sunglasses when its summer time
- His sentence often ends with 'desu yo'
- He calls himself 'Yuu-tan' than 'me'
- When bored, he usually sing and play his guitar
-He usually listen to Nico Nico Chorus and 'Punk goes pop 5' like 'Somebody that I used to know'…
-So far, favorite song "How to love"…



{ U N H A T C H E D }

>Name:  Ruu ( Ruu-tan )

>Gender: Male 

>Would be Self: 'Pro' Skateboarder 


A hyper, cheery guardian, who is always there, cheering for Yuuta and like him, he always got that smile on his face. But he is a bit more emotional than Yuuta, as he could freely express himself which Yuuta can't do for now. ( TBA ) 



- Rainy days
- Crowded place
- Negative emotions



>Voice: (optional. It is preferred if the sample is Japanese)

-Pronounce some words and names by syllable.
-Doesn't easily get tired.


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