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March 22, 2013
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TH: Daisuke Masaru by Danchoou TH: Daisuke Masaru by Danchoou


Name: Masaru, Daisuke

Nickname : Dai-kun

Gender : Male

Sexuality : Pansexual

Age : 17

Grade : 2nd Grade

Dormitory : Tamagawa

Club : Basketball

Likes :

-Sports in general
-Greek Mythology
-Sweets especially cake
-Music in general

Dislikes :

-Slippery things/area
-Tight clothes
-Bitter food
-Embarrassing Moments
-Being Alone

Personality :

{ Caring } { Calm } { Secretive }

Daisuke is a type of guy who cares for others first before himself. In fact he mostly won't care the damage inflicted to him as long as those important people in his life is safe, he also wouldn't even let them face danger alone, hence he would always be there to offer a helping hand no matter what. He would even try to cheer those who are down with anything he could do. He is also quite a calm and gentle guy, he doesn't sound loud not quiet, just balanced. It is difficult to make him angry as his patience and temper are quite long.

He mostly had that gentle smile on his face, and even if you aren't his type of person to talk to or hang out with. He wouldn't want trouble and decided to let it slide in his smile. As calm as he is, quite also a secretive person, especially if it's about something personal. He don't easily give out information to people, even to his friends. He mostly release them in his thoughts and rather not let anyone else be involved by it. Learning his lesson, he mostly shut up rather than saying something like a not needed critique.

"Feel free to talk to me~"

Biography : 


Daisuke is an only child of a wealthy family. Both of his parents are owners of a sport company. Because of his parents work he didn’t get much time to spend with then while they were off on business trips for the company. They also wouldn’t allow him to go outside most of the time, technically he was home schooled, all he ever talk to was his tutor, maids and parents and nothing more. In this year(s) in kindergarten life, he never socialize with others on his age, only to them, in which sometimes when he got nothing else to do, he would try to read some story books or just stay in his room, staring at the ceiling.


Few years had passed and his parents decided to enroll him to a school to see if Daisuke would enjoy it. Though at first he was uncomfortable by it, due to his weak socializing skills, of course he spent most of his time alone that's why. Each day passed he was starting to get used to it, talking to his schoolmates, making friends and such. He was happy he could do this. And now, this was also the start of building up his interest in sports, especially soccer. Most of the times, he and his friends play a friendly game of soccer nor basketball. But of course, he still focused on studying. Few years later, it's time to say goodbye to Elementary years. He and his friends were going on separated schools, sadly none of them can visit each other anymore due to some circumstances, but they do somewhat still communicate through email.

-Middle school-

During this time he met a girl named Hanako Katayama, he couln't help but annoyed the heck out of her as well always wanting her to play with him, feeling she was so lonely by herself all the time and that she needed a friend. He would also follow her around like a little lost puppy when there was break time in Class. Which he knew it bugged her, but he didn't care less. He was glad that finally after some few tries, she finally gave in on playing with him. He and his buddies welcomed her to the game of soccer and eventually liked it. He had a fun time in middle school like his elementary years were and his parents were happy for that, but now sadly he had to leave, he needs to move up and go to High School, leaving his friends behind again.

-Summer before Tachikawa High-

Summer had began and Daisuke spent most of his time in the internet; browsing, chatting and such. One day, his parents called him, saying that they enrolled him in a prestigious boarding school called 'Tachikawa High'. Daisuke just nodded and can't wait for his new life in this new school. Hoping that things will go well, when summer was near the end, he prepared what he needed the most. He was pretty much excited, going to a boarding school, not going home for a while. Surely he'll miss his parents but then he knew they could keep in touch, but for now he is focused on his; High-school life.

Additional Infos

-Likes to give someone a piggy back ride.
-Sometimes can be seen wearing glasses.
-Has a habit to pat those who are short than him's head.
-He has dozens of beanies/hats inside his dorm room, but not usually wear it.
-Wanting to try out for something new, he decided to try out for Basketball.
-When he got nothing to do, he mostly day dream.

Quote : 

"Huh? Did you say something?"
"Oi! Be careful!"
"Let's play a game, shall we?"

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